Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hello friends… so it’s been awhile. I feel guilty not updating this blog very often. I update two other blogs quite often! And this one gets ignored by me, I must be a snob.

Well, we are all doing fine. I managed to get really sick at the beginning of the month, but am back to my old self now. I am thankful for that. Being sick is not fun when you have a million things to do and people relying on you.

Also this month, Miss Jessie got her hair cut. She had long hair, and every morning we had such a joyful time brushing all of the tangles out (I called them rat’s nests and even named them) she’d get mad and say “Mom! I DO NOT have rats in my hair!!” and give me a disgusted look. And then she’d yell and cry if I’d even approach her with a brush of any kind. So, I relented and decided she could cut her hair. She was so kind and reassured me “my hair will grow back Mom, it’s okay”. She’s such a big girl. My gosh, she is a talker too. She can really carry on a good conversation and it’s been fun chatting.

Curren is doing great in school. He had his first school music program last week. He got to sing “butterfly” with all of the other 1st graders. He was quite funny when we were leaving the house to go to the school… he ran and hid in the bathroom stating “I’m too SHY! I don’t wanna go!” we talked him into it and he did just fine. I wonder why he always says he’s shy, he is so NOT shy, he’ll talk to anybody.

The weekend was pretty uneventful. Mark took the kids to the skatepark on Saturday morning. I had started clearing out our spare bedroom over a month ago. We had big plans to move Curren in there so he could have his own room. Well, I realized that we have a lot of “stuff” in that room. The room was the place you threw everything when company was coming, or when you didn’t know where else to put it, or you just couldn’t get rid of it quite yet. So needless to say… it was piled high with crap. I managed to sift through most of my quilting/fabric stuff and get that organized. That left piles of random objects. Which are now in our hallway. Curren has a room now! With a filing cabinet even, how lucky of him! Anyway, he was sooo happy when he came home Saturday and saw the room all cleaned out just for HIM. He even helped me organize his socks in his new dresser. What a kid.

Sunny the dog is doing great. Moving in with the Lott family has been an adjustment for her. We are loud, and busy, and crazy. At first she slept a lot, and peed in every corner… you know just to drive me crazy and make me think “why did we get a dog again, can somebody explain this to me???” She is now only peeing once a day in the corner vs. several times a day, so that’s improvement. She is also not biting as much when she plays (puppy teeth hurt) and she loves us. She follows us around, sits on command, and even fetches her toys. I am glad we got her (today), maybe not tomorrow, but right now I am glad :D

I am feeling sarcastic today, so for the undertone of this post, I couldn’t help it. Talk to you all again soon!