Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Student-led conferences…

A few weeks ago, I went to the school for Student Led conferences. Curren was proud to tell me all about what he does during the day, and what types of clouds he knew about, and the kinds of matter there are, it was fun! Jessie showed me the butterflies in her classroom. Their teachers this year have been amazing, and I am so grateful for what they do for my kids. I can’t believe we only have a few weeks left of the school year. This year has been difficult in a lot of ways for the kids, but the outcome has been rewarding.

The beach on Saturday

IIf Mark is going to make these faces, he’ll have to live with it on the blog!

I need to update more, I am sorry I have not been! We have been doing just fine here. Our friend Nate came by to visit last week and brought cute Trey with him. It was fun to see them. Mark and Nate went out to the coast one day and to OMSI another. The kids were able to go with them, and it was fun!

This weekend our friends Matt and Charissa came up and we went to Short Sands for the day Saturday. Mark got a new surfboard from Matt, and he says it’s a super nice board. He’s excited to have it. We need to get some pictures of it.

Here we are at the beach, lots of pictures :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

More birthdays!

I turned 28 a few weeks ago, wooo! :D Mark was out of town to St. Augustine Florida, but made it home the afternoon of my birthday which was great. We had ice cream cake, and it was a great day.
The past week was fun, Mark went to the Florida Keys for work (right....) and he enjoyed it there. He didn't have any pictures of himself there, but he took a beautiful photo of this boat. Love it!
The kids and I had a picnic Sunday afternoon, here they are posing. It was a lovely day.

I hope you are all good!