Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We have had some bad weather the past few weeks. We decided to go outside anyway, we can only handle being indoors for so long, it's almost June!

On Saturday we went to Short Sands beach to surf. Mark has some friends who go out once a year on a "Fathers Day Surf Trip" even though it was overcast all day, we still had a good time.

We finally got our canoe in the lake today! The weather was perfect, it was sunny and about 70 degrees. We paddled around for about 6 hours and caught two dinky fish. We had a blast!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day

After church on Sunday we took a drive up to Mt. Hood. It was a really nice day. We stopped at the river and went fishing, Mark caught a dinky fish, but at least he caught something!

Browns Camp

We need to go camping more often. I am such a LAME-O homebody now... it's just easier to stay home. Once I got out there, I had a really fun time! What is wrong with me? I do want to go more this summer, so here is hoping!

There was a nice little river running through the area. Jessie loved it. She kept wandering off to explore.
Jessie and Jenny like the hammock too, they played on it for hours.
Have a S'more!
Curren cat napping on the roof of the truck, he's like a cat, it was warm up there.
Laughing and laughing with dad.
Super fun!!

Riding Dirt Bikes

A few weekends ago we went camping with the Oliver Family up to Browns Camp. You drive out Highway 6, and head up into the mountains, it's only about 40 minutes from our house, and close to Tillamook. It's really pretty up there! There are riding trails all over the mountains so the guys go there a lot. It was a bit early to go camping, still wet and chilly, but we had a fun time.

Curren has a tiny dirt bike that goes about 10 mph, and he follows Mark around. It's pretty cool to see him riding. He does a really good job. Like father like son :)
I had a really nice birthday last month. I turned 30! I love that it has been a good 30 years, what a blessing. Here I am with my cute kids. Mark spoiled me rotten, he's too good to me :D
We went to the beach with the Jarvis family last weekend, it was a really nice day, but towards the end the kids were pretty cold. I am happy we can be at the beach again, I've missed going.
On Mother's Day weekend there is a Quilt Festival at Jenkins Estate in Beaverton. Mark was out riding his dirt bike, so I took the kids to it. Jenkins Estate is beautiful! Here are two pictures I took of it. If you live around here be sure to go and wander around the gardens, you won't regret it.