Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Giant Pumpkin

We grew a GIGANTIC pumpkin this year, by accident. I planted seeds for giant pumpkins last year, and they never grew. Over the winter the seeds must have germinated because a monster grew, it weighed 90 pounds! Mark carved it into this...

Happy Halloween Everybody!!!!
On October 23rd, we went out to Roloff Farms to get some pumpkins and play. Roloff farms is pretty close to our house, and it was good to finally get out there! We met up with the Jarvis' and some others and had a great time :D
Jack, Taylor, Jessie, Lily and Curren
Lily and Jessie are good buddies
Jack is trying to smile...
All of our kids hanging out with the Roloff family!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Puerto Rico!

Mark had a business trip planned to Ponce, Puerto Rico this month. He took me with him! We celebrated our 10 year anniversary, how lucky am I? Our awesome friend Denise stayed at our house with the kids, so thanks to her it was possible, I love my friends!!!
We stayed at the Hilton in Ponce, and while he worked for most of the day, I managed to make myself useful by the pool...
He'd come and check on me periodically to make sure I hadn't burned to a crisp in the hot sun.
We went beach walking all over the island after he'd get done working, it was fun!
On Monday we headed up to San Juan, and went to the Yunque rain forest, it was amazing!
Here is the sunset from the airplane on the way home, over New York, it was pretty.
We are home now, and we had a great time! We have to go back someday :)

Castillo San Filepe del Morro, Puerto Rico

On our last day there, we went to the fort Castillo San Filepe del Morro, in Old San Juan. It was an amazing place to visit. The fort is old, it was started in the 1600's, and added onto throughout the decades. I have not been anywhere where the structure was that old, it was awesome, the photos speak for themselves.