Sunday, April 12, 2009

California Adventure

So, they are doing construction on California Adventure's big lake. So, it was kind of roped off, closed up, and you had to see a lot of big blue walls... I liked Disneyland better, but California Adventure had some very cool rides!

Mater! and Lightning McQueen! Sweet! I love these guys. Having lunch :)
Jessie waiting in line for the Tower of Terror, my favorite one. :)
Jessie got some mickey mouse bread for her birthday at lunchtime.

Brother Bear...

A Bug's Life land, it was adorable, and their 3D show was very cool.

Jessie trying to lift those weights...

Mark was posing for this picture, I was NOT.

I think we walked 20 miles each day, we are exhausted, but we had a wonderful time. Disneyland is the funnest place around!

Disneyland ROCKS!

We haven't ever brought the kids to Disneyland, we decided this year for their birthdays, it was due time we went. So I am going to post lots of pictures of Disneyland, just warning ya!

We flew into Orange County on Tuesday morning and headed to Newport Beach. The weather was about the same there as it had been in Portland, in the 60-70's. That didn't stop the kids from getting right into the ocean though.

Curren found a surfboard with his name on it! (he was kinda sorta named after this guy :)

Here we are... standing in line... for the Buzz Lightyear ride. It was fun. And can I just say Fast Pass is the best thing ever???

The castle! We even saw the evil wicked queen wandering around there, she was very snobby and rude, which was very fun.
If you go on your birthday, you get in free. And you get this cool button to wear, so everybody says Happy Bday to you!
Jessie with Pluto.
We got to meet Mickey the Mouse! He even kissed the kids on the head :)