Friday, April 18, 2008

Birthdays and such

We were lucky and had totally awesome fantastic superb weather last weekend, I am talking no clouds in the sky, 70 degrees, and no wind. It was so great! We went to the beach on Saturday and had a blast. The kids had fun running up and down the beach. I got a good sunburn. My body was happy finally obtaining the long sought after Vitamin D. Oregon likes to hold out on us with Vitamin D :) I no long look like a ghost, I have color!
This weekend would be completely opposite, with a possibility of snow. That’s right I said snow. If it kills my tulips I’m going to have a meltdown. I am glad we haven’t planted our garden yet.

Last week was very good, the kids had their birthdays! Curren turned 7 and Jessie turned 6. We took the kids to the OMSI for the day on the 5th. We had such a fun time. We went to see a laser light show, and an IMAX show called Grand Canyon River Adventure. They also had a dinosaur exhibit going on. I love OMSI, we ended up getting a year pass, so we can enjoy it some more.

Jessie has been wanting a stuffed animal from Build a Bear Workshop for a LONG time. We surprised her and took her to the mall to make one. She picked out a “snow dog” and had fun with that. She said we went to “Build a Dog” LOL!
Curren got this cool hat from his Grandpa Stevens, he thinks he’s a biker dude now.
Mark and I are going out to dinner tonight, that will be nice. We watched August Rush last night, I really enjoyed that movie, I was crying at the end, it was so sweet! I thought it was a beautiful story, the way they were playing music to find each other.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mommy Tag

Curren the pipsqueak
Jessie Bug

mommy tag.......

I found this on Jackie's blog, it's fitting since my kid's are having their birthdays this week!

How did you know you were pregnant? With Curren, I smelled a can of tuna fish and ran for the bathroom... that's how I knew with him, with Jessie, I think I knew within a few weeks of being pregnant, and was in denial until I got the pregnancy test.

How old were you? With Curren I was 20, and Jessie I was 21.
Was it planned? Curren was for sure, Jessie wasn't really, but couldn't change it :D
What foods did you crave? Taco Bell Burritos!
Any morning sickness? Yes, I was sick for about 4 months into the pregnancy with both of them, but it did go away after that.
Who was your doctor? Curren, well I can't remember his name (does that make me a bad person?) and Jessie it is Dr. Warhus.
Did you find out the sex? Yes
Due date? Curren April 21st, Jessie I think was around April 19th


Were you induced? Curren: I re-arranged our bedroom because i had that nesting bug we all get :) And my water brok that night, with Jessie I was induced 2 weeks before her due date.
Where did you start labor? I had slight contractions with Curren as we went in, and with Jessie in the hospital.
How long were you in labor? Curren about 4 hours, Jessie about 5.
How long did you push? With Curren I had the epidural, so I couldn't tell I was, with Jessie, I didn't get an epidural in time and pushed for about 5 minutes, if even that. The doctor was running down the hall as she was coming out, he sat down and she landed right in his hands :)
Did you have an epidural? With Curren yes.
Vaginal or C-Section? Vaginal
Was there complications with the labor and delivery? With Curren there was a little bit, his heart rate dropped when he got stuck, but the nurse got him out quickly after that, Jessie just popped out... literally LOL!
Did you cry when they were born? YES! I was thrilled!!!
Who was in the delivery room? Mark, the doctor and nurses.
Have an episiotomy? Nope
Vacuum or forceps used? Nope


Name: Curren Jay and Jessie Joyce
Boy or Girl: Boy and Girl
Weight: this is easy - 5 lbs 4 oz for both of them!
Length: 19 inches - again for both of them!
Date of birth: Curren: April 8th 2001, Jessie: April 9th 2002
Time of birth: They were both born around noon
Hair color: white!
Eye color: Blue


How old are they now?: Curren almost 7, Jessie almost 6
What kind of diapers?: I used the Target brand when I was using them :)
What kind of formula?: The Target brand (it was less expensive and the doc said just as good)
What theme did you do their nursery in?: No nursery really, just lots of toys :)
Are they a smiler or a cryer?: Curren was a cryer, he was colicky for several months, and just wanted to be free all of the time, and that is still true. Jessie was an angel :)
What makes them fall asleep?: They both have always been good at going to sleep. Jessie needs all of her stuffed animals in bed with her, and Curren needs a nightlight on.
Are they the first?: Curren is First, and Jess is second.


Name: Heather
Age now: 27
Did you ever consider abortion or adoption?: no
Were you married or dating the father?: Married!
How long have you been together?: 8 years
Are married you now?: of course!
How much weight have you lost?: *snort*


How did the grandparents take it?: Both of our parents were excited! When we found out we were pregnant with Jessie (when Curren was 4 months old) our dad's were totally happy and our mom's were like "um... you are crazy!"
Did your friends stick by you?: yes!!
I have FABULOUS friends all over the country.
Did anyone throw a baby shower?: With Curren, Mark's Grandma and Aunt had one for me, adn with Jessie my friends in our first ward here had one for me.
Has anyone helped since the birth?: EVERYONE.
Are you happy you're a mommy?: You betcha

Sunny Bunny

As I was typing the two posts below, Sunny was hanging out with me, she's getting big! And who says you need to buy dog toys, everything is a toy in our house! Sheesh!


We went to Sunriver last weekend. My boss owns a house there and let's some of us stay there for a few weekends a year. It was so much fun! We went with Zach and Jackie our friends here. As we were driving up there, the weather was acting crazy, it was nice and windy down to Salem, and then after we got past Detroit Lake the snow just hit hard, it was nice and white everywhere and we couldn't see anything. We chained up and just drove slow, I kept thinking, we do need adventures right? :D We made it to town safe and sound. The next morning we got up and the kids immediately got their snow gear on and went outside for over an hour on the mini snowbank in front of the house. We then drove to the mall and played on the big snow banks in the parking lot...

Jackie and Kayden :D

After that we had a great lunch of Hawaiian BBQ. We drove over to Maverick's, a sports center. They have an indoor wave machine called The Flow Rider. Mark has wanted to try one of these for a very long time and this was all he could think about LOL! He and Zach got brave and tried it, Jackie and I swam with the kids and watched the hilarity of the Flow Rider.
Click the links below to watch videos!! (or see the Video link to the right of the webpage)

I hope you can laugh like we did, I laugh because they fell on padding and water... though the guys both complained of stiff necks the next day. If you pay to hurt yourself I can laugh!

We went back home the next day, and the roads were much friendlier to us, thank goodness, driving down the mountain in a whiteout would have been bad. Thanks Zack and Jackie for going with us :D


I am going to play catch up :) Easter was fun for us, it did come early this year though didn't it? The kids had fun finding eggs hidden all over the house. Sunny found some too, and proceeded to eat them, plastic ones, but still that dog eats everything, like a goat!

We dyed eggs...

And just had a fun time :)

Curren now makes this face every time I am snapping pictures. He reminds me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, always making a face right before his dad snaps the photo... I knew I was in for it LOL! And to think I find Calvin and Hobbes SO funny ;)