Friday, January 28, 2011

The Columbia River Gorge

Last weekend the weather was spectacular! We went on a hike out in the gorge called Beacon Rock. You hike straight up the rock it's 850' high, it's fun.
After the hike we drove back into Vancouver and went to Fort Vancouver. We loved it.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Messing around

Have I told you already I love my new camera?? Well, I love taking pictures of anything and everything.... lucky you!

I was messing with my hair on Saturday, it was fun... so I took pictures
I noticed we had a lot of Vans in our house, and decided to document them. We love our Vans!

Curren's new glasses

Curren, our super hip stylish... old man! Look at this kid. He loves his new glasses :) They are black plastic with neon green lines on them.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fun decorations

Mark and I went on a date last night, first we went to eat Thai food, the kids aren't a fan of it, but we love it! We both got a big plate of Pad Thai, and then got in the car and said to each other "now what??" We drove all over downtown just talking and looking. We ended up clear out at IKEA. We ended up getting the kids each a really cool decoration for their bedrooms. When we got home we told them "on Saturday morning you need to get up and clean your rooms, we are talking really clean! Dusting, vacuuming, organizing..."

The kids were so interested in what we got them, but we wouldn't tell them until the rooms were done. They did most of the work, but I got in there and helped, and four hours later they were ready for their new decorations.

Jessie got a new light fixture. IKEA has the cutest lights! They are all very inexpensive too, which is a bonus. Jessie was beyond happy about it, she has wanted one of these lights for a long time. The bedrooms in our house have vaulted ceilings, so it was fun that the light actually fits in the room well. I think the light is 30" across... it's BIG.
Curren got a hanging chair! It hangs from the rafter of his bedroom, and he can read or play the Nintendo DSi in it. He thought it was super cool.
It was fun cleaning and fixing up their bedrooms a little bit. We really want to paint their rooms too, but haven't been able to do it yet... maybe next time!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fern Seeds

Mom did you know you can scrape the little brown seeds off of the ferns... you see them??
You can mush them up into paste...
and they cure stinging nettle... is there any stinging nettle around???
No Curren there is not.

Ecola State Park

We love going to Ecola State Park. Our friends were in town for the weekend and we decided to head to the beach. The waves weren't too good, so we did a hike instead. It was really fun...
Natural Dread Locks

Tillamook Head Lighthouse 12 miles out in the ocean...

Gigantic tree stump, awesome.
Gigantic log, you can walk right under it.

Mark thought he could fly after eating this mushroom.