Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mexico again! :D

I am putting more pictures up, they pretty much tell you how it was... FUN!
We went to market, there were some very talented artists there, look at the bead work this man does, it was beautiful.
What color of chick would you like?
The Jarvis's bought some of the chicks for the kids to take care of, this one is going camo!

You could fish off of a rocky point on the beach by the house. Jack and Mark spent a lot of time fishing there, they caught some puffer fish even!

We spent a lot of time applying sunscreen. We should have applied more to me and Jessie the first day, we got burned :(


We took a vacation to Mexico a week ago with our friends Kasey and Andrea Jarvis. All of us had a great time being in the sun for the first time in 6 months, and seeing each other again since they moved to Utah, we've missed them!

The house we stayed in is a vacation home that Andrea's dad built. It's a beautiful home, and we loved just hanging out around the house and at the beach. We spent most of the days swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand.

That's Kasey boogie boarding in there, the beach was very busy because it was Holy Week everybody was on spring vacation!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Kids!!

Curren and Jessie are a year and a day apart. Curren turned the big 10 on Friday! He's so big now, and what a kid he is. He is a happy, caring, loving person. I am so proud of him. Jessie turned 9 on Saturday. She is sweet, silly and absolutely a doll. We love our kids and can't get enough of them.

I brought donuts to their school for a birthday treat. Curren was pretty happy.
Curren and his teacher Mrs. Coe, he loves her.
When school got out...
We had a birthday party for them Saturday having our friends and neighbors over for cake and ice cream, it was fun having them all together!

Happy Birthday Curren and Jessie!!

Music Man

Curren is in 4th grade, and learning to play the recorder. You all remember this right? I know I do, in fact I still have my recorder! They played Jitterbag and actually sounded pretty good. Curren was so serious, if you all know Curren you can appreciate him wanting to wear his suit and standing at attention on stage. Go Curren!
That is just how he rolls.

Just in case she forgets

Just in case Jessie forgets her name, I made her tattoo it to her forehead.

Spring Break

Spring Break 2011 wasn't all that exciting, we are saving our money for a vacation this month! We did get to the coast and had a great day at Indian Beach.
I was messing around with my photos... Jessie was kite flying, see the huge kite she was flying??
Mark surfing.
Mark and Jessie in Seaside, checking the surf.
Feeding the seals at the Seaside Aquarium.
And we went to the OMSI over Spring Break as well, they have a Egypt exhibit right now that was AWESOME... we even got to sit on a camel :)