Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mandatory Road Trip

When you buy a new car you have to take it on the "mandatory road trip" We went out to Seaside and then up to Astoria and back home. It was raining, OF COURSE. Oregon hasn't decided whether it wants to warm up yet or not. We bought a Ford Flex, it's awesome and can do all of the fancy schmancy things you'd want a car to do, I think I just might move into it permanently. Who needs a house??
We stopped for lunch in Astoria, this is what we ate first... :)

We wandered into the shops, we liked this surfboard at the surf shop, Mark talked to the guy for awhile about making a wood board.
We visited the Goonies museum and got our mugshots taken...

Got thrown in jail...
Found the "KEYS"
Checked out Data's outfit and gear.
Came outside and saw an amazing garden.
Drove to the docks and saw... you guessed it...
Sea Lions! They were loud and obnoxious.
And lazy.
Looked at rusty beat up boats.

And then drove home. It was a fun day, and we learned a lot about the car on the way. Maybe just a tiny bit about the car, it is going to be a fun one to have!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mark has been fishing!

Mark and his friend Brandon go fishing a few times a month. Brandon is an expert, and shows Mark the ropes, and will even filet your fish! Mark caught both of these yesterday in the Wilson River, they are Sockeye Salmon, how pretty are they? We figure they weigh at least 12 pounds each. Good job Mark!