Saturday, August 29, 2009

August continued...

I had my company picnic at Oaks Park, it was fun!
Mark got Curren a little dirt bike so they can ride together now.
While they ride dirt bikes, me and Jessie paint our toes.
The Thunderbirds are here for the air show this weekend, they flew right over our house, it was AWESOME.
Jessie and her flower, isn't it neat? Jessie's face seems to always look like this when I turn on the camera now, sorry :P
Grandma Stevens is visiting this week, she is so much fun, we love her and aren't going to let her go home.

Summer in August

Lots happening here... which explains the lack of posts, I can't keep up!

Curren is having fun with his hair...
Mark caught lots of albacore Tuna fish, YUMMO!
My cousin Kenny came to visit with his family, this is baby Finn, he's the cutest kid.
This is River and Jessie waiting to head down to the beach.
Curren and Jessie are growing up, I can't believe how fast.
Mark, this is not how you eat lobster.