Thursday, September 4, 2008

9 Years later

Mark and I have been married 9 years as of today. 9 years is pretty good, and everyone looks shocked when I say 9 years, because I get the question "how old are you??" and think I was married when I was 15 or something :) I was 19 when we married, and Mark 24. I think back now and realize how young that really is you know? I got married one year after I graduated from high school. Sheesh.

Anyway, we are loving life. Mark and I have been through some hard stuff, like having kids one year and one day apart, moving a million times, graduating from college with two kids, working full time through all of it. Life has been totally and completely wild! And I am never ever going to regret it. I am so happy with Mark. He is my rock.

He is out of town for our anniversary, and left me a surprise yesterday. I came home to this hanging from my upstairs hallway... I was like... "uh, what in the heck is that??"
And I get a little closer to see all of the pictures of us all over the flowers.
He wrote a sweet note about how the flowers represent the awesome times we've had together. I love Mark, he's so fun!

School Started... Nooooooooo! :D

So, school started for the kiddos on Tuesday. They were both ready to go back, and had been talking about it for weeks. Curren has been getting bored, and when he gets bored he gets creative... and a bit shall we say... annoying? You know what I mean :D As far as a 7 year old boy goes, he's busy and needs to be entertained in order for there to be peace in the house. He told me when he had done something that I didn't like "Mom, I will be so much better when school starts" We shall see.
I think the first day of school is not fun, for me, that is. I get so stressed out that they might have a bad day, and of course they don't. I asked Curren today what he thought of school today and he says "Mom, it was AWESOME!"
Right on Curren.
Curren the big 2nd grader!
And Jessie the old gal 1st grader.
I love my kids and am so proud of them.