Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jessie's baptism

Jessie's baptism was on Saturday the 10th. We had Mark's mom and dad here for it. Also the Jarvis's, the Werts, the Denton's, Denise, and many more wonderful friends. Our ward here in Oregon is just like our family and we are so grateful for them, and what they do for our little family.

Here is Jessie before she was baptized. It was a wonderful day.

More fun pictures

Some more fun pictures, it's a pain getting photos off of 3 cameras!! Here we are at the zoo. The new exhibits have lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, and lots of other great stuff. Here is Mark getting eaten by the lion, the rest of us seem to be happy about it.
The kids were in Newport feeding seagulls their Cheetos.
Mark was hanging his corn dog out the window of the truck and this seagull came out from behind him and snatched it, almost taking Mark's finger too... haha!
Aaaahhh! The shark is eating us!
Have to get those candles blown out!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jessie

Jessie turned 8 years old today! My baby is getting so big. We took her to the zoo today and it was great. She will be getting baptized tomorrow :)

Happy Birthay Curren!

Curren's birthday was on Thursday the 8th. He turned 9 years old (that's right next year he is double digits!) Mark's parents are in town for the kids' birthdays and we are having so much fun.

The Pine Wood Derby

The Pinewood Derby was a lot of fun this year. This is Curren's first one, and all of the boys loved it. I haven't been to one since my brother was in scouts like a million years ago. Can you tell who made this car, Mark or Curren??? Hmmm... It is modeled after Bullet Bill on Mario Kart, cool right?
I like how Mark was telling me, "Heather, I am trying to figure out ways that Curren can help me make this car" uh huh. Mark had so much fun with it!

Watching boys is entertaining, like this one :)

Wrapping up March

Curren likes the computer, and his Nintendo DSi, and his Wii, anything with a screen, he's like a bug attracted to light... "Curren! Don't go toward the light!!!" "I can't help it, it's so pretty!"

Curren and our neighbor kids posing, they totally set this up, and came to get me for a photo shoot, they are so funny!

Camo Curren

Curren loves, and I mean LOVES to dress up in his camo and go hide in the back yard. He takes his airsoft gun with him to look for bad guys, mostly Dad, they like having a "war" in the backyard, it's fun :)
I saw him doing this one afternoon, I had no idea he was out there, he's so sneaky like that.
Also, he spells camouflage like "camel flash" which I find hilarious!
Here are a few more pictures from the beach when Nikki was here. We loved that arch, it was so awesome.
A rare family photo, rarely seen around these parts :)