Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feast and Festival...

Lots happening around here.

#1 School lets out tomorrow!!! The kids are totally excited.

#2 Mark is changing jobs at work, same company, different job, and we are all excited about this.
#3 It is supposed to be warm this weekend! This is a big deal. And I’m making strawberry jam on Saturday… this is awesome!

#4 Can’t think of anything else?

We are doing good in Portland. The weather has been a downer, cold, windy, rainy, doesn’t it feel like October? We have been having a good time though, and are looking forward to summer.

The kids had a feast and festival at their school a few weeks ago. We played a lot of games and won a goldfish… “Squirmy” lived with us for 2 whole days. And Curren had to learn about how to deal with the death of a fish and flushing it down the toilet…
We got our faces painted…

And Jessie showed off her monkeybar skillz

And Mark and our neighbor Mike tried to hide their identity and not be seen…

But if you zoom in on Mark… you can totally tell it’s him LOL!

However… Can you tell if this is Mark or Jessie???

And here we are ready to head for the barn.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hit the trail!

We went on a hike this weekend to Drift Creek Falls. It was an easy 3 mile hike round trip, and since it's spring everything is a vibrant green, and newly grown. It was a beautiful afternoon :) We took Sunny with us and she had fun too, just not on the car ride there (car sick)... so not fun.

So you hike down into the big forest... and check it out.

Discover there was a forest fire a long time ago...

And then stop to gape at the HUGE metal suspension bridge crossing the big canyon, and look down.... way down at the large waterfall beneath your feet, and don't get vertigo.
Keep going down to the bottom of the stream to view the waterfall and relax.
See the big bridge up there?

It is south of Lincoln City, and then you drive 10 miles into the middle of the forest and park. I loved it, and was glad we went. And on your way there, swing over to Depoe Bay and eat at the Sea Hag, just do it... and eat their clam chowder... holy cow it's so good.
Hope you liked the pictures :)