Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mark's parents came, and went.

Mark's parents flew in to Portland for about 3 days before they headed to Utah, we had a nice time with them!
Mark's mom comes up the cutest things! She took a styrofoam cup, poked a straw into the side of it. Then she put a towel over the top of the cup and rubberbanded it on. You fill a shallow bowl with dish soap and a tiny bit of water, dip the towel part of the cup into the mixture then blow on the straw and look what happens! You can get the soap really long, it's funny :)

We of course went to the rose gardens.
And saw a pretty sunset.

Pioneer Day

Our stake put on a great Pioneer Day event. We went to the beautiful Fallbrook Farms out in North Plains and had a great time, we were there all day and didn't want to leave. They had food, a band, games for the kids, candle making, rope making, and a lot of other great things. Here are some fun pictures of the kids!
Curren and I made candles.
Jessie's team won the tug of war!
Curren and Jason won the 3 legged race.
Log cutting is so much harder than it looks.

The 4th of July and stuff

On the 4th of July we had a BBQ with Stacy and Richard, and the Weaver family, and of course, lit off a bizillion fireworks.
Matt Weaver took the firework photos, they are awesome.
We went surfing
And boating a few days later
And climbed on some rocks
Gotta love summer.