Saturday, August 29, 2009

August continued...

I had my company picnic at Oaks Park, it was fun!
Mark got Curren a little dirt bike so they can ride together now.
While they ride dirt bikes, me and Jessie paint our toes.
The Thunderbirds are here for the air show this weekend, they flew right over our house, it was AWESOME.
Jessie and her flower, isn't it neat? Jessie's face seems to always look like this when I turn on the camera now, sorry :P
Grandma Stevens is visiting this week, she is so much fun, we love her and aren't going to let her go home.


Megan said...

Looks like your having a great summer. I know what you mean by not blogging much. It's hard to keep up. Dustin will be so jealous of Curren's bike. Did you get a good deal? He wants one for Jonah so bad.

Your family is sure cute and we sure miss you guys!

Jamie said...

A dirt bike! What fun! Raquel and I like painting our toe nails,too. Fun mother/daughter time. Oh, and we went to the Blue Angels air show today. Since Frank is works on base, we were able to get right up close. A lot of fun to watch, but super loud!

Stacy Dean said...

Ok, everytime I come on your blog it looks like a party! I love it. All your pictures are great. We went to the air show too, but didn't pay, just parked somewhere and somehow we missed the thunderbirds part...sad :( But anyways, keep being the coolest party family ever!

Andrea said...

Looks like Lotts of fun. Sorry, couldn't help myself. :)