Sunday, April 12, 2009

California Adventure

So, they are doing construction on California Adventure's big lake. So, it was kind of roped off, closed up, and you had to see a lot of big blue walls... I liked Disneyland better, but California Adventure had some very cool rides!

Mater! and Lightning McQueen! Sweet! I love these guys. Having lunch :)
Jessie waiting in line for the Tower of Terror, my favorite one. :)
Jessie got some mickey mouse bread for her birthday at lunchtime.

Brother Bear...

A Bug's Life land, it was adorable, and their 3D show was very cool.

Jessie trying to lift those weights...

Mark was posing for this picture, I was NOT.

I think we walked 20 miles each day, we are exhausted, but we had a wonderful time. Disneyland is the funnest place around!


Andrea Jarvis said...

HOW FUN!! Looks like you guys had a blast- love all the cute pictures! I need to call you, we need to catch up : )

Andrea said...

How come we didn't see Mater and Lightning? Or that Catch of the Day thing? Crazy. Guess it's huge and easy to miss things?