Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mark is awesome.

So, I've been thinking lately... about how I have been so lucky to find such a great man to marry :) I was only 19 when I did, and you would think at 19 one wouldn't know what they were doing. Well, I did!

Why Mark is awesome:

He loves Curren and Jessie with all of his heart, I think he can rival any other great dad out there, the kids adore him. He is always playing with them, talking to them, hanging out, helping, teaching them... I have so much to learn from him.

He is active, he plays soccer every week, he surfs as much as possible, and doesn't hold still for very long. I admire that. He can go!

He is smart. He finished college, and now has a great job where many people respect him and want to work with him. He can design and build just about anything.

He is a hard worker. Mark is not afraid to work, he always puts in 200% to whatever he does.

He is freakin' hilarious. Mark can make me laugh no matter how mad or upset I am.

And last but certainly not least. He puts up with me, and my moody swings, my crafts all over the house (yes I said all over, I am worse than my kids), my hobbies, my girly movies, my bad jokes (I am not a good joke teller) and he loves me no matter what.
I am a lucky girl, yes I am.


Andrea said...

That was so sweet.

Christina :Little said...

Very nicely said but I have to say I think Mark is a pretty lucky man himself. You are an incredible person and I miss you terribly.