Saturday, March 15, 2008

The many faces of Jessie, in 30 seconds :)

Jessie is so photogenic, maybe it's just me... I am partial after all. The sun was shining so brightly on her, I just had to start taking pictures of her!
Then she turned the camera on me...
And then on us together :) I think we are related.
The day has been pretty quiet. Mark and Curren built a doghouse for Sunny today.

Curren was a lot of help.


Wendy Lee said...

Jessie is a beauty! I love the blonde eyelashes. Props to Mark, he has always been such a handy guy.

Colleen said...

Jessie does look like you. Thanks for letting me know about your pictures. I love looking at your pictures. Kids are so fun to see pictures of.

Andrea said...

How cute!

Anna n Ami said...

Mark and Heather
cute kids..
jessie looks like u heather..
u all look like ur having ur fun adventures out of all the pics I seen.. cute puppy...
I cant wait til our baby girl Evelynn arrives june 8th.. and then we can start the adventures..

hope all is well..
Ami and Anna Floyd

*K*R*I*S*T*Y* said...

Aw I just love jessie! I miss being her teacher.I've been meaning to check out your blog forever and ad you I just kept forgetting, now you're officially one of my links!

Brandon and Kassidi Bridge said...

You guys are so cute! We MISS you! I've been in Powell for the week. Grandma's doing so good, she seems so happy. Happy spring time!