Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mr. Hair

Curren’s hair has gotten really long, I don’t usually let it get so long, but have been lazy and keep ignoring it :) He wanted me to make it spiky for school today. It cracked me up, as I added the hair gel to it, and starting fixing it, he pulled out a Spiderman comic and said “Mom, I’m just gonna read my magazine while you do my hair” and then did just that. I about died laughing, it was really funny!

We are having a good week so far. Enrichment night is tomorrow and I have been working on getting that pulled together. It should be a fun night.

Jessie is still kind of sick, I say kind of because it’s just a cough/stuffy nose. It could be much worse, and I am thankful she doesn’t have the nasty flu that is going around. So many of my friends and family have gotten it and I feel so bad for them all!

Stay healthy everybody :)


Andrea said...

How fun. Glad he made himself comfortable while you styled it. :)

Billy and Megan Smith said...

That is so funny! I wish Brayden would let me spike his hair, but he always says he wants "flat hair." bummer!