Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mark has been...

in the past month:

Running a half Marathon. The Helvetia Half Marathon's course is right out here by our house, it is 13.1 miles out in the country. Mark and Kasey ran it and did great! You guys are awesome :D
Catching fish, and they are actually big fish! I know, you were all starting to doubt Mark and his fishing abilities. He can catch a big one, this is a Steelhead Salmon caught on the Washougal River in Washington.
Making a wood surfboard. He and Kasey are each making one, they are going to be really cool.
Cutting off his fingers. While cutting out wood for above surfboard on our tablesaw, he tried to cut off his middle finger and had to get 3 stitches. Ouch! I know, you love me for sharing a picture of it!
Mark: He loves to keep it interesting.


that's what she said...

OUCH!!! looks like some exciting adventures....and some painful ones too.

Nikki said...

Poor Mark ouch! Thats great he ran the half marathon. Thats cool he is making a wooden surfboard.