Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation part #1

We took a crazy long vacation across many states, here are some fun pictures!
First, we drove to Rexburg, Idaho for Mark's family reunion at Kliff and Bev's home.  We had such a great time seeing everybody again.
We found a 35 lb. watermelon to feed the masses.

Cousin Tami beautified Jessie and I.

We got to play with our cousins!!  Hi Kylie :) :)

Mark has the nicest family ever, we love them all!

After Idaho, we drove up to Yellowstone to camp overnight.  We stayed in the Canyon campground.  There were a lot of hikes we went on, saw lots of wildlife, and took in the scenery, it was gorgeous.
We saw grizzly bears
Huge-mongous buffalo
Stinky paint pots... haha
And made lots of memories.

To be continued...

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Sandy N said...

Looks like so much fun! Love that last pic of Curren! haha