Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Fall You Guys

First off, I must share my new doormat, I think it's awesome, my kids think so too :) And no it's not because I want Edward to show up at my doorstep (oh my gosh, that is funny) LOL!!! Don't get it, then go read Twilight and we can talk about it later.
How is your month going so far? Mine? Busy, but great! The weather is turning to fall weather pretty much overnight. It started raining over the weekend, and then it was a crisp 34 degrees this morning. Where did that come from? I need summer back.

Here are som pictures from the past several weeks, so I thought I'd share with my good friends :)

Here is Jessie all "fancy" as she likes to call it. She went for the purple look, so I gave her a purple pedicure, as well as let her get new shoes, she got some heels, you go girl? She is funny, on Sunday when we got ready for church my high heels were clicking away as we walked into the building, and she said "mom! My shoes aren't loud see?" and then she walked on her tippy toes through the door, it was so funny :)

This is Jessie 100%, she's a cool kid.

And here are the pumpkins that grew in our garden, we thought we bought the pumpkin seeds for you know, regular pumpkins. This is what we got :D Curren decided he'd like to be a pumpkin patch for Halloween.

And this is ME, it was one of those blog things I saw, take a photo of yourself RIGHT NOW and then post a picture. Don't brush your hair or whatever. I was a booger and took a picture of myself right after I got ready for work, you gotta cheat sometimes, because I always have my hair done, makeup on, and smiling... *wink wink*

The baby elephant at the Portland Zoo, I am in love with him, he's small, wrinkly and tiny (for an elephant). I've seen him twice now.

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Andrea said...

Love the doormat and the baby elephant. Jessie is so cute!