Monday, July 6, 2009

The family vacation continues...

Mt. Adams

Day two of the family visiting took us out to the Columbia River Gorge. The Gorge is fun, there is a lot of hiking, a lot of sight seeing, and home of Hood River. A town dedicated to windsurfing and kiteboarding. We started out by going to Crown Point. It’s a lookout point, and it’s pretty high up there, you get a good view of the mighty Columbia.
Curren yelled out "MOM!!! Look a HIPPIE BUS!" I was down below, so pretty much everybody heard him, it was funny!
Jessie can't figure out why everything looks so small...
We then headed over to a newly opened Airplane museum called WAAAM. It is in Hood River kind of out in the country. It was a neat place, the museum was full of old airplanes, cars, military vehicles, memorabilia, etc. Plus, they bragged their airplanes up, they all still fly, it’s pretty cool.
After the museum we had some lunch and then went down to watch the windsurfers and kiteboarders doing their thing. It was windy that day, and we saw lots of people out. The gorge is almost always windy, I might add.
To Be Continued…

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